Nana’s Penny Pleases at Suicide Dollz


Sorry for the short hiatus! I am back after much fighting with my computer, and her many many eccentricities, to present a sweet little lingerie dress from Nana.  The Penny dress is available at Suicide Dollz currently.  It features seven styles, each with a HUD to adjust the color of the charming bows.  Pennywhite

The Penny Dress is more of a lingerie or lounge dress, it does not come with panties or shorts, but you may easily slip your own favorite pair on as I did showcasing the white dress.  pennygalaxy

All of Nana’s creations offer a youthful, playful look.  This one is only available at Suicide Dollz at the moment and would brighten even your dreariest rainy day.

Elfi Lingerie by Nana at Suicide Dollz

elfie headerNana always has nice surprises at Suicide Dollz.   This round is no exception! The Elfi Lingerie dress is a HUD driven flirty piece meant to be worn in or out of the bedroom.  I felt inspired to take it out on the ice and show of my skating moves with my dragon friend in tow.  Elfie Red

There are eight styles to choose from, two patterns and six solid colors.  The skirt and collar of the each dress is HUD driven, so you can mix and match to your hearts delight.

Elfie Stripe

The dress is meant to be a lingerie piece, but I thought is was so lovely it deserved to be shown off outside so everyone will enjoy it.

Elfie baby

The dresses are rigged for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza sizes.  ❤

Vavava..Vooom! It’s Nana’s Yuna Lingerie!

nanayuna_001Nana is going classic pin up with their newest offering at Suicide Dollz.  The Yuna Lingerie Set comes in six colors.  The bra, corset (garter belt), and panties are separate pieces. The sets are rigged to fit Slink (HG and Physique), All Belleza ladies, and Maitreya bodies.nanayunacolor_002

The bra is a demicup,  so the nipples are exposed.  I am wearing my own pasties here, but trust me it is HOT without the pasties.   the corset (garter belt) and bra both feature a gentle ruffle.  The panties have a thong back.  This is really a beautiful set.  Lots of fun and sweetness.

House of Pain Free Gift and Exclusive!

House of Pain is at District23! It starts today, December 23, 2017. There are quite a few gorgeous tattoos on offer there.  I am sporting Predator (on the top half of my body and chin) and there is a special treat! A FREE GIFT tattoo for the legs! HOPt_006

Predator is exclusive to District23, it is not available at the MP store yet.  It has details along the back and arms, continuing up the throat and chin.  All the tattoos are OMEGA ready so you can pretty much wear it on anything as long as you have the relay.  Hoptfeet_003The generous free gift requires no group tag and extends from ankle to below the knee.  It is also OMEGA ready.  Both tattoos come in fresh and faded shades.

I am in LAUV with Nana!

Lauv_004The new Lauv shorts by Nana are out at Suicide Dollz!  there are six sassy styles to choose from! Above is the wings style, a heathered white fleece with wings detail on the booty!


The Stars style has a cute contrasting pink belt that makes my bubblegum heart sing!


AND MY FAVORITE! The Galaxy style with a fun purple belt.  My head is always in the stars, I guess my butt should be too!

TY! ~Lulu

Inventory Gold


I have a very very messy inventory. I am not going to lie-it’s BRUTAL. Today I started cleaning it to get ready for the winter season and I came up with some TREASURES! The first thing I found was a gorgeous hair by Entwined called “Piper”. I had a whole fatpack just waiting for me to open it and boy was I pleased. I chose the “roots” hud and never looked back. I think it was an event gift. HOW COOL!!

The next goodie was a set of beautiful rosegold necklaces from ///BENJAMINZ//. It has some vaguely religious iconography theme going on..I got it at my favorite event TMD.

My top is Dead Dollz from last weeks 50LFriday, and it has a hud with two types of bras or NO bra. *PRO TIP*: Never-ever pass up a 50LF from Dead Dollz.

These shorts were from the Epiphany event. They are a sweet gacha prize from Poppy called “Marlena”. The best part of these shorts are the tuxedo stripe detailing on the side. Makes me feel like a magician’s assistant and I love it.

Lastly, I scored these enchanting boots by Pure Poison at a past Colabor88. They are a fatpack with a hud, and there are brass knuckles on the heels for no other reason but because why the hell not!


Nerd Alert is All About Cozy at Yin/Yang

edgeofwinter_009 (2)

Nerd Alert has some very cozy prospects at the Yin/Yang event!  New for November, there are TWO awesome items available AND a free giftie!  edgeofwinter_012 (2)
The Ombre Sweater comes in eight styles, or a fatpack!  The detailing is amazing and you can see the soft brushed texture.  It is exclusive to the event, at 200L each or 1000L for the fatpack.  edgeofwinter_014 (2)

The sequin leggings are a special price at the event, they come in seven colors and a fatpack.  Each color is 150L at the event (price will increase at the mainstore) or pick up the fatpack for 750L.